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Commercial Cannabis Genetics

We believe we can provide you an advantage through genetics. 

Our objective is to drive the standard of commercial cannabis genetics. This was actualized 15 years ago when we began producing a stable cultivar that combines commercial structure with craft boutique flower sets and demands the highest price point. We’ve been successfully able to identify 100 unduplicated phenotypes that will compete with the medical, recreational and industrial hemp markets.


We are a genetic research and development company founded and developed in Massachusetts. Integrated Genetics and Biopharma Research (IGBR) hold licenses as a Research Facility, Cultivation Facility (Tissue Culture Lab) and Transportation Company under the recreational regulations. 

Our Process:

Our genetic selection program performs large seed hunts of the best craft genetics (seeds) towards identifying elite phenotypes.

Elite Phenos are a combined representation of the best traits of its parents in one expression. This plant is measured against strict proprietary performance metrics that are predictors of sustained success within commercial environments. 

Some of these universal traits are:

  • Vigorous Growth

  • Root Mass

  • Branch Structure

  • Internodal Spacing

  • Immune System

  • Stalk Diameter and Strength

  • Flowering Time (>65 days)

  • Density

  • Stability (Inter-sexing)

  • Yield

  • Therapeutic Effect

  • Responsiveness to Best Practices

These groups of metrics are paired with secondary traits that lead to cost savings within commercial facilities:

  • Plants that thrive under reduced lighting and nutrients

  • Plants that are easy to trim and process 

  • Plants that require reduced staking or trellising 

  • Plants with robust immune systems. 

After this unique plant is identified and data is recorded, a clone is grown again with induced stress testing to assess potential for intersexting and undesirable responses. Copies of this Clone are then distributed to a network of “testers” who cultivate this phenotype within their environment in exchange for a return of data. The variances of best practices, grown medium, nutrients, lightning and other variables were assessed and incorporated into IP that assist the customer in meeting their objectives. 

This data is inventoried, assessed and compiled to form the Plant Performance Portfolio (PPP) which serves as a tool and supports the customer in meeting their outcomes with minimal barriers. A PPP is also supported with pictures of Flower Photos (marketing) , Phylos Certification (Genotype) and 3rd party lab testing. 

Our goal is to improve both your top shelf… and bottom line.

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